Alora-The place

The tribes which first migrated to Alora seem to have been attracted by the high mountains which surround the valley of the River “Guadalhorce”, situated on the slopes of Mount Hacho where the natural springs bubble over the beautiful ever green valley of Málaga.

Nowadays travellers in the train from Málaga to Córdoba or vice versa need to look up high to make out the ancient village of Álora perched like an eagle`s nest, surrounded by the medieval walls of the Moorish castle; as a famous poem says:

"Álora the well protected... "

La Viñuela Country Property

One of the village’s squares is named after “ Fuente Alta”, High Fountain, -referring to the abundant water in the region- and Mount Hacho where there are two springs which water a unique old lemon grove.

This garden is called “La Viñuela”, protected from the cold north winds and open to the fresh sea breezes. With its enormous cypress in the garden it is easily distinguished and ancient house, south facing, with its enclosed patio, outhouses and stables, it is Casa Altavista

( J. H. Xavarino: “Las raíces de Iberia en la toponimia de España... Vol. Málaga primitiva, Page.179)


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